Malware/Virus Removal

Unlike other companies, PC Publican removes only the malware, leaving data, applications, and settings as they were.  You get your computer back as it was before the infection.

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Do you have a house full of devices that need to communicate, or a business that requires networking for POS and system backups?  PC Publican can create reliable networking solutions.

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New Computer Migration

Do you have a new computer, but don't know how to move data, settings, and applications from the old?  We specialize in making your new computer as much like the old as desirable.

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Welcome To PC Publican

We are dedicated to providing maximum value to clients big and small.

PC Publican accomplishes this by:

  • Listening: We don't sell pre-packaged solutions; we take time to understand a client's requirements, timeline, and budget, and deliver a custom solution.
  • Communicating: We speak your language, not technical jargon, and clearly articulate requirements and timelines.
  • Working: We work tirelessly to deliver high-quality, low-cost, on-time solutions that meet clients' needs.

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