How To Delete Unwanted Online Accounts

Ever wondered how to get rid of old e-mail addresses and other online services that you no longer need?  The sites themselves often give no clue — they want to keep your account regardless of your intentions.  There’s a new website, however, that has consolidated instructions on how to delete the most used online services.  The site, AccountKiller, provides direct links (when possible) to the appropriate account deletion page (or tells you that it’s not possible — a “Blacklisted” service in their vernacular).

AccountKiller‘s primary objective is to delete or de-activate a given account.  Existing data may or may not be retained — you’ll most likely need to actually read the small print of the service’s agreement terms.  More information can be found on their FAQ page.  Services listed on AccountKiller as “White” are easy to remove, while “Grey” can often involve multiple steps and considerable time.  “Black” sites, such as Skype, are effectively impossible to delete.

You can also contribute to the site yourself, either by submitting a site’s account deletion information or by a direct financial contribution.

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