Malware/Virus Removal

Unlike other companies, PC Publican removes only the malware, leaving data, applications, and settings as they were.  You get your computer back as it was before the infection.



Do you have a house full of devices that need to communicate, or a business that requires networking for POS and system backups?  PC Publican can create reliable networking solutions.


New Computer Migration

Do you have a new computer, but don't know how to move data, settings, and applications from the old? We specialize in making your new computer as much like the old as desirable.


We Make Careful Decisions...

We choose open-source (no/low cost) solutions whenever advisable, and sell only the highest quality hardware, with no price markup. You are only charged for the value we add!

...And Our Rates Are Competitive

Labor is charged at $50 per hour, and common in-house services (like Malware Removal and New Computer Migration) typically require 1.5-2 hours of hands-on time.


Need Help Immediately?

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